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The Power of Collaboration. When empowered women activate

As a solopreneur you face many challenges. It could be your finances, not having a team or just not knowing where to start. Most people don't know that I've been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. In the past I've had to step back into Corporate America a couple times but nothing more than maybe 6 months. Why? Well it's just wasn't for me plain and simple.

For most entrepreneurship isn't easy. It can be challenging in so many areas but now thanks in part of social media, society places high value on community and connection. This shift away from an ultra-competitive landscape gives rise to collaboration as a smart business strategy.

The truth is all businesses has some competition. There are many brilliant people in this world so new ideas are popping up all the time. That doesn't mean you should shut down your business and give up. Instead it's an opportunity for collaboration. This partnership has the power to generate stronger business outcomes that creates a win-win for everyone!

So how do we overcome these ingrained, intimidating challenges? I believe embracing partnerships with other women businesses should be considered as part of the solution. The truth is collaborative relationships can accelerate growth, generate new opportunities, and provide a network of supporters to help founders through the challenging times.

That said, finding the right partners to work with can be challenging and scary. You start to question yourself thinking, “What if someone steals my idea or my network?" The only thing I can tell you is a true partnership, is built on trust and loyalty, which should calm concerns about these fears.

The reality is everyone needs someone in some capacity to help them scale their business. You may be doing the grit work, but you're supposed to. Too many people say they've done things own their own and the problem with that is, what about the people that connect you, refer your business or purchases something from you? That's help. Behind every great CEO and company leader, you’ll find a network of supporters, confidants, partners, and mentors.

I've learned that leaders know their strengths and weaknesses, so they work with people that can assist them in the areas they lack. They know that establishing partnerships that fill those gaps is a smart business decision.

That's one of LIVE365 Empowerment goals is to provide Mothers and business women with the education and resources they need to build a life they love both personally and professionally. I know I cannot do it alone. To make a meaningful impact, I will be partnering with some amazing women-owned businesses this year. We will work together to create a bigger, better solution.

Here’s 3 ways to approach business collaborations:


You want to find a partner whose strengths and weaknesses compliment your own. It's important to have a deep understanding and acceptance of each other’s blind spots and to build both individually and as a team.


Everyone wants to win. If collaboration can accelerate growth and strengthen customer experiences, then investing time to explore and build partnerships should be high on all our to-do lists. After all, it’s not just about whom you know; it’s about how you work together.


For LIVE365 Empowerment, my mission has always been to empower women to live and build an authentic powerful self-authored life and business. Remember what your mission is so if you are collaborating it should be with other business owners who share the same or similar mission as you do. Focus your energy on nurturing the partnership to help you both create the best possible experience for your audience. #collaborate #whenbossesconnect #bosslife

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Here's to more collab and less compete,

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