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Stop complaining and start doing!

You've heard the saying "no one likes a complainer" and believe me it's true. Rather you're the one listening or the one doing the complaining, both are a total waste of energy that could be targeted towards something much more fulfilling. I won't lie to you and say that I don't complain about anything. What I've learned from this useless emotion is that the more I complain the more things seem to get worse. I mean let's think about it, complaining is when one expresses dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. Even though things may not go our way, the voluntary action to complain about it doesn't help the situation. So why is it that we tend to complain so much? Maybe it's about your job you don't like, a friend that said something bogus or you're not happy about your weight. Whatever it is you need to think about it and pinpoint the problem and why it's possessing your thoughts.

I know most of us complain from frustration, being overwhelmed or displeased. I mean it's normal when one of these three things happens to us that we tend to react in a not so positive response, however you know my saying, it's time to "stop that shit"! Some people wake up everyday thinking the worse, feeling stuck or that things won't get better. This is a sure way to create your own pity party and introduce more complaining into your day. That's why it's so important to be grateful and to focus on the great things about your life if you want to see any significant changes.

I want you to know that almost anything you have to complain about is fixable. Some things will require more work and intentional dedication than others, but it's not impossible. Complaining, negativity and bitching is like a disease that we allow to spread when in fact we have the cure. If it's something about your life you don't like, then fix it! Stop talking about it and be about it! Start doing and stop talking!

Hey! We can all use a refresher time to time on this subject because complaining has been deeply rooted into our being and for some it's a way of life. Just like breaking any bad habit it takes conscious effort and a plan. So I challenge you to seek out the good of each day. Expect more good and less bad. We know life is an unexpected series of life experiences that can definitely cause mood shifts. But let me ask you...are you in control of your life or are you just a watcher of your own mind?

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Here's evolving your life,

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