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Hey beauties!

I talk to women on a daily basis and one thing I notice is that we ALL suffer in some shape, form or fashion when it comes to self-care. Some are worse at it than others but we all share some of the same deficiencies when it comes to truly taken care of our mind, body and spirit collectively.

So an idea was born from this and that was to share some of these stories with other women who may identify, find a solution or resource that will help educate them into doing better. Sometimes as women we can feel alone, overwhelmed or just plain guilty for doing for ourselves in a capacity that makes us feel good unapologetically.

So I will be sharing stories of women from all walks of life. Doesn't matter the profession, nationality or income. Just stories (short or long) from women who aren't afraid to be transparent and open to share their story. If you have a story to share please shoot me an email over to info@live365empowerment.com subject: self-care stories. Be sure to share our stories with a girlfriend! #selfcare

Here's to you and your self-care journey!

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