• Stacey J.

Road trip therapy is the shit!

I have to admit I've never been to crazy about road trips and if they were more than 3 hours I definitely wasn't interested. Not until December 2017. My birthday is in December and I knew I wanted to celebrate but just not the traditional way (a party). Hey, I have nothing against a good ole party but I've partied many many years of my life not just for my birthday and I just didn't want to do that this year. So I decided to take a road trip baby!

That's right boyfriend and I hit the road traveling to New Orleans and then to Houston to visit some family. Every since then I have fell in LOVE with the road.  I realize what I have is what they call wanderlust.  Wanderlust is defined as "the desire to wander".  I love to explore new places and old ones and of course discovering new places to eat.  Add some mountains and trees and a stream or large body of water and I'm in heaven.

I do not do well with a stagnant lifestyle. I desire for change, excitement and growth. When life starts to be too redundant, I feel stuck. I need to do things that will challenge me, inspire me and allow me to explore. Our life craves wonderful experiences and this is also a great way to slow down your life and mind.

So I've determined that I have to do this either road trip or by plane as often as I can but I can't live a "normal" life. I need to have wandering time. Maybe because I was expose to traveling at a young age and I fell in love with it and it fell in love with me.

I didn't go on any road trips last year because I was traveling so much for work. So this year I decided it was time to do it again! Especially now that i'm a travel professional with perks on the hottest or interesting places to visit.  So me and my boyfriend once again packed up the car and headed on the road for my birthday getaway. This time to Destin, Florida.

I found a beautiful condo on the beach with a beautiful view and near some of the best food. Here's the take away, I know a lot of us can be workoholics. We have so much to do on a daily basis that we forget how to take some time out for ourselves. But too much work, overthinking and not taking care of yourself properly can make you into a horrible crabby person stressing you the hell out!

So try to find some time to add some wander into your life. I mean like when you were a kid and wanted to explore and discover new things. Traveling is therapeutic and a well planned or quick getaway can get out of your comfort zone and help you switch your brain to focus on something else totally different in order to rejuvenate our energy, mentally and emotionally.

In our daily life, we usually do the same routine that we can easily switch to an autopilot mode—where you no longer have to think and you just go with the motion of your actions. While that could be a good thing in terms of survival, it does not nourish us emotionally. Thus, it is so important to have that switch once in awhile. I have traveled many places in my life time and I can testify how traveling has transformed the way I perceive my life.

Don't believe me, just try it out for yourself. In fact, let me help you plan your next getaway so you can start making travel a self-care necessity in your life. I promise it can change your life. Contact me at info@live365empowerment.com

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Here's to discovering your wanderlust!