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Protect your slay!

When it comes to your personal self care, you need to do it, own it and never be apologetic about it! Self care is essential to our well-being, our health, our finances and our livelihood. Alot of is claim that we implement self care into our lives but oftentimes it's the bare basics like a hot bath, tea or a massage. I am in no way knocking that however, you deserve way more than just that.

Self care goes way deeper than just the outer pampering of ourselves. There are 8 other areas of self care that I guarantee some of us are neglecting.

Physical - Your body

Emotional - Your mind

Social - boundaries, support system

Spiritual - time alone, meditation, connect with God/universe

Personal - hobbies, me time, identifying goals

Space - safety, healthy living environment

Financial - saving, spending, budgeting, retirement

Professional - positive workplace, time management, boundaries

See you may focus on one or two of these areas but hitting all 8...can have a tremendous effect on your life's totality. Getting there isn't easy and takes work because you are going to have to remove and let go of some old habits that may have been learned as a child. Lack of self care can also happen when you didn't see your parents or others that were close to you do it. For example, your mom and dad worked a lot of hours to provide for the household, rarely taking time for self except maybe planned vacations once a year.

Now we live in a culture that is pushing nonstop movement, 24/7 connection to social media and the list goes on. When will we stop and EVER smell the roses? This is why if you live in Atlanta (or the surrounding areas) I would like to invite you to Protect your slay self care event taking place on Saturday, August 17th. Hosted by your girl!

I am ALL about learning, educating and promoting self care both internally and externally. So as I continue to fight the epidemic of busyness that seems to take over our lives, join LIVE365 Empowerment, The MSK Experience, Black Girls Create, and Soulful Meditation for this amazing event dedicated to educating and pampering you for the day.

It's time to enjoy life ladies on your terms, not the terms of the world!

Here's to loving yourself,

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Stacey J. is a life enthusiast, media personality, entrepreneur and Founder of LIVE365 Empowerment and LIVE365 Radio. 

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