• Stacey J.

Nipsey Hussle, the legacy he left at such a young age.

I wasn't really familiar with Nipsey Hussle until Lauren London started dating him. I mean I've probably heard his music before but didn't know who he was. I've learned so much about him since his untimely death and the more I've learned over the past couple weeks, the more I like him.

Nipsey was a son, husband, father, rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and community activist. He was involved with charitable activities and treated everyone with respect. His funeral showed that there was a depth of admiration for what he's done and what he was planning to do.

What I've learned about Nipsey Hussle born Ermias Joseph Asghedom is that he was loved by many, that he was doing great things in his community and city. I learned that his mom (Angelique Smith) is a graceful and spiritual woman that is in full acceptance of her son's death although I know there is a void in her life now. I learned that he was raised by a strong Eritrean man, his Father, Dawit Asghedom that was very involved in his son's lives. I learned that his love for his kids, his woman, Lauren London was recognized by the masses as well as his realness and passion for educating and uplifting those around him. It was truly felt by many.

The outpouring of his fans, family, friends and others like myself, reflected the depth of admiration for Hussle, who incorporated his upbringing and experience as a gang member into his music, which spoke powerfully to many who live in the city’s poorest neighborhoods and well beyond. His death has awaken something in me and as I learn more about him and his plan that he wanted to share. I am encouraged even more to do more, be more and live more!

Why is it that the people that are doing great things, trying to elevate our communities, our financial IQ and awareness are killed before their time? I don't understand it and it's hard to accept. I feel heavy and very emotional about the loss of Nipsey because to see how much he was loved and respected, to know that there's a huge void not only in the world but in the life of his family, it hurts.

My message as well as what I phantom Nipsey message would be is to be great, keep doing things that will make a difference in your life and the life of others. Educate yourself, do research, read more and live your life on purpose like Nipsey did. He is truly an example of an stand up guy! May God comfort his family, give his fans peace and may his legacy live on.