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Living an awakened life.

I know you've probably heard the term "spiritual awakening." I'm not speaking of anything religious but more so an enlightenment of the mind and spirit that one experiences from intentional seeking. As you can see there is no doubt a big awakening movement going on across the globe right now. You are seeing more people talking about it and looking for other ways to live a more joyful life and i'm loving it!

An awakened person has stepped away from living a life ruled by their ego-self, pressure from family, friends and the media. It's about redefining age-old beliefs of what we were taught that no longer serves us. We hear much about this subject nowadays, so what does it mean to be awaken?

For me, it requires a constant vigilance of the inner work on my psyche. It requires a deep intentional commitment to a moment-by-moment awareness of our inner emotional tapestry. When we are aware of what is happening on the inside, we become aware of how we create the energy of things on the outside. Of course, this requires a lot of work on our part but to live an awakened life means to commit to constantly looking within all while living in this material world. I'm so excited with the enlightenment I've been experiencing. It's been an AMAZING, challenging and a life changing experience. I truly believe when you commit to doing the inner work is when you'll see the benefits of your life evolving. Awareness behind the behavior is key. You need to be aware of your behavior, your energy, your presence, and the more aware you become, the more you catch your discrepancies. Trust me it's not easy because you may be accustomed to doing things a certain way. When you are able to catch yourself or recognize the emotion that's happening inside you is when your life begins to change.

Becoming aware or awakened is a daily and life long journey that's totally worth it. I don’t want you to just read this but ask yourself what you can do, before 2018 is out, to have reached some kind of transcendent state in your own life.

Here's to purposeful living,

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Stacey J. is a life enthusiast, media personality, entrepreneur and Founder of LIVE365 Empowerment and LIVE365 Radio. 

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