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Laid off to level up!

We've all been there a time or 2 before. You get the call to the office or over the phone that due to _____________ we have to let you go. Now let's be honest your first reaction is normally WTH and the 2nd is normally the roller coaster ride of emotions that start from anger, sadness to depression. I mean let's face the facts, if you don't have any other projects or income coming in then you're probably thinking how will you provide for yourself and your family and QUICK!

Fortunately none of the above were my thoughts at least not this time. My thoughts went a little something like this. I got the call and I responded with "I understand, thank you for the opportunity" and I meant it. She felt the need to try to make me feel better by reiterating positive statements which were nice, however, I responded once again "It's no problem I understand." Why was I so cool about receiving what to most is considered a horrible call? That's because deep down inside I knew it was time for me to go for personal reasons and now the call just made it real.

I knew God was lighting that fire up under my ass because it was time for me to move on and since I hadn't did on my own he was so gracious to help me. Although I didn't expect to lose my job, I decided to embrace my new reality and get my ass to work...for me! There's nothing wrong working in corporate america if that's your thing, for me I'm a free spirit that loves helping people in a plethora of ways. When you get too comfortable, stuck or uninspired your fire starts to dim and you find yourself frustrated and just existing.

After leaving the show and keeping a positive mind, God granted me not 1 but 2 new clients. I've now updated my project management resume, reached out to my network and I'm open, willing and ready! I am anxious for nothing and excited about what's to come. How dare I be sad or angry about getting let go. I gained valuable experience, met some awesome people and have more to add to my list of talent. You have to sometimes let go to receive and you'll need both hands open. When you get too comfortable, stuck or uninspired your fire starts to dim causing more confusion into your life. Ain't nobody got time for that! So next time you need a little pick me up and remember how dope and amazing you are, watch Ciara's video "Level up" and pump your fist and level up!

“What area in your life could you #levelup?”

Here's to rising to the top!

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