• Stacey J.

Just breathe...

Happy New Year and new decade. The excitement of it all this new decade talk can feel overwhelming.

The new year, new you, dream big and set bigger goals approach is a good one but it can also trigger feelings of anxiety, unworthiness, worry, and self doubt. These things can ignite fear and make you stop before even getting started.

As we enter into a new stage of time with new life experiences waiting for us - I want to remind you of your power.

You are capable of achieving every good thing you set your mind on. No matter how big it may seem at the start. I know that you can do amazing things with the right guidance, environment and resources.

So let me give you some advice. Whenever you start feeling stressed, frazzled, or like you’re about to go on an emotional spiral... Just breathe.

Stop what you’re doing and take a big, deep, cleansing breath to help you get centered and feel grounded. Then, once you feel calm again you can make your next move.

You already have everything you need - either within you now or within reach. So relax and remind yourself that you got this! 

Today instead of making lists and choosing words for the year or creating resolutions because you feel pressured to do it. Don’t! Rushing and pressuring yourself in an unhealthy way can lead to other problems so be kind to yourself.

Instead take some time to reflect on the past decade and be with yourself in thought. Connect to your sacred self, trust life, and just breathe. 

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, purposeful, & prosperous new decade!