• Stacey J.

How to stop financial fornication.

Before there was the Real Talk with Stacey J. podcast, there was the Inspirational Lifestyle Radio Show. The Inspirational Lifestyle was a show that was entertaining, informative and of course inspirational. The other day I was showing someone some of the footage from the show and thought to myself, this was some good content! So I've decided to re-share some of those old episodes that I think could be just as useful now as they were then.

In this episode me and my former co-host Comedian Benny Pitts and we had the pleasure of interviewing Tarra "Madam Money" Jackson Tarra Jackson, is the author of best-selling book, “Financial Fornication.” She is a popular Personal Finance Expert, TV & Radio Personality, Financial Contributor, and Animated Speaker. Tarra is also a contributing writer for Black Enterprise and Upscale Magazines. Tarra inspires her audience to have more pleasurable and enjoyable relationships with their finances.

Her amazing book, Financial Fornication begins the discussion of the process towards restoring our financial well-being by relating financial and credit relationships to our personal relationships. Read this book to learn how to: -Identify cures for financial diseases. Enjoy.

To learn more and to purchase the book click here.