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How breaking down your day can help you get shit done!

It's Monday, the first day of the week with 4 more days ahead of us until the weekend. Are you tired of adding old tasks to this week's new task list because you didn't complete them last week? The last thing we need is more on our to do list. So instead of allowing the day to dictate your outcome, try organizing your week by breaking it down to 3 parts. Morning | Afternoon | Night

For example, map out what needs to be done before 12pm then 4pm then lastly 9pm? Be specific, set a time frame to complete the task and if all possible stick to it! The AM may look like scheduling a doctor's appointment or returning a call. Your afternoon may consist of finishing up a project or making a few errands. For the evening you may need to run to the grocery store, get gas or whatever else you have to do. The process is the same try to complete what's needed within the allotted time frame. Make it a mental game with yourself. The reward...less stress!

If you have children that are of age to help with items on your check list, start delegating things to them. If your evening to do list includes cleaning, washing clothes or helping prep dinner, it's OK for you to have them babies help! This will help them with creating structure in their own lives and instill core life responsibilities. Challenge yourself to complete the task with excellence and enjoy the psychological rewarding feeling of completion. This can help boost your moral and encourage you to create a winning system that can bring more balance and harmony into your life.

There's nothing sexy, exciting or rewarding about being stressed out and overwhelmed. We are in control of how we handle our day, so stop letting things just happen and make it happen with intention. Start today grouping your to do list into 3 parts and see if it works for you. Tweak it as you see fit but just try it.

I would love to hear if this suggestion works for you or if you have a task management system you'd like to share with us.

“Getting shit done is the best way to perfect the future.”

Like Nike said, just do it!

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