• Stacey J.

Fine art and favor.

Rosa Obregon Owner of The Gallery

“As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.” Abraham Hicks

So I know you're probably thinking what is this about? Fine art and favor. Well let me tell you. This past weekend I did a photo shoot with Girard Hale of Timeless Imaging Atlanta for an interview I did with CEOMOM magazine. Girard likes to find some awesome places throughout Atlanta to shoot and on this day he chose an area in Norcross, GA. Now I planned on doing about 2-3 looks for the shoot which means I would need to change my clothes. Now I must admit I was considering changing in the car but then I thought how troublesome that would be. Where I parked happened to be in front of a few businesses, which all were restaurants. You know what that means...there would be people constantly in and out and where would I leave my clothes to go and shoot my pictures? Back to the car? That would have worked my nerves.

As I stood in front of these stores pondering what the hell am I going to do? There was art gallery in the midst of all these restaurants that I said, I'm going in to ask her if I can change inside. I walked in and was greeted by a beautiful smiling lady named Rosa. I proceeded to ask Rosa if I could change in her store and not only did she say yes, she also allowed me to leave my items inside while we shot. As I gathered my clothes from the car she started sweeping out the bathroom (which by the way was already immaculate) and she even showed my daughter some tips on painting. My point is she didn't have to do that but because I try to keep "good vibes aka vibrational energy" the universe and Rosa provided what I needed. Check out some of the beautiful paintings in her store.

Beautiful right? Rosa is an artist and instructor that also offers sip and paint parties. She can also turn still photo images into hand paintings and you can even rent the space for private events! Look at that! Not only was she able to help me out during my time of need but I was also able to network with her to do business in the near future because I do events all the time.

Now do you understand my title? I wanted to take a quick moment to share this with you and remind you how important it is to have #goodenergy, optimistic thinking and #goodvibes. If you are looking for an awesome space to rent for an event, host a sip and paint event with your girls or maybe purchase some amazing art for your home, please go by The O Gallery and see Rosa at 19 Jones St. Norcross, GA 30071 or visit her online at www.obregonfineart.com and tell her I sent ya!

How do you match your vibrational energy to that which you desire to manifest in your life?

Live purposefully,