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Creating intentional relationships

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

LIVE365 Empowerment Conference 2016

The picture above is from my LIVE365 Empowerment conference in 2016. There were 5 speakers that were all amazing women from different industries. Some of them I had already known personally but there were a few I did not. I was grateful that they all decided to be apart of my event considering there may have not been a connection prior to the conference. I even had an emergency and one of them stepped in the day of! Although I didn't personally know a couple of them I was definitely grateful for their willingness to help a sista out. Although I may not talk to each and everyone of them on a daily basis, I try to stay connecting with them in some form or fashion rather it's via phone, in person or social media.

I have learned to sew into my relationships by getting to know each person, offering advice, helping with a project, promoting their project and generally being friends but it takes work.

Over the past few years I learned how to facilitate better win-win relationships. You’ve probably heard that you are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time with. Well, I took this to heart and have sought out connections with people who have a strong desire to grow emotionally, spiritually, creatively, personally and professionally and to achieve a high level of success. (however, they define it).

I love getting to know people’s stories, dreams and goals, which helps me to build a bond with them. This is usually a great way to connect with people. Remember it takes intention and dedication to put a lot of time and energy into relationships period, so to waste your time with unfulfilling and draining ones is a luxury one can’t afford.

Advice on building win-win relationships

  • seek to learn more about them - people love talking about themselves

  • look for people who are at your level and grow with them.

  • not everyone you encounter will become a friend

  • eternal connections will not be made overnight - continually and mutually sew into relationships

  • look for ways to add value to their lives (technical help, tips, advice, laughs, referrals, etc.

Worst Business Relationship Practices

• Only reaching out when you need something.

• Only talking about yourself.

• Mistaking connections through social media as substitutes for real relationships.

• Avoiding being personal.

• Failing to be transparent about what you want.

• Going from “hello” with a new contact to “I want...” without building a trusting and open relationship first.

• Keeping score.

• Abusing your network with frequent requests.

• Not following up appropriately.

• Failing to show gratitude.

Business Relationship Practices

• Being authentic.

• Getting personal. Your transparency will invite them to be transparent in return.

• Being candid.

• Always try to “pay it forward” and offer to help the other person.

• Being insatiably curious about others. Learn and remember personal things about others like spouse and kid names, hobbies, interests and birthdays.

• Finding meaningful ways to touch base with your network consistently throughout the year. • Freely sharing ideas, connections and content. Always add value to the relationship.

• Doing what you say you will do.

• Meeting people in person whenever it is convenient and appropriate.

• Always being grateful.

“How will you start making more meaningful and intentional relationships?"

Here's to better relationships,

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