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Are you ready to reclaim your life?

Are you ready to reclaim your life? Hold on...let me ask you another question, did you even know that you lost it? I know I didn't. I had to learn this and I'm still learning how to say no and how to say yes more to me. I have older children (but if have adult children you know the parenting doesn't stop), I have a boyfriend and now I'm in a blended family (topic on that coming soon), plus I'm running LIVE365 and the list goes on.

Now let me ask you, do you do so many different things for other people that your tend to forget to do for yourself? Do you allow people to steal your peace? Have you lost control of your finances? Are you overwhelmed trying to maintain your relationships? I can honestly say yes to all of these! Just look at my list of responsibilities I mentioned above.

Often times you hear these comments from women because at a very young age we are taught to be nurturers. We learn early how to take care of people and how to be givers but there's little taught about taking true care of your wellness. Well it's time for that shit to stop! Stop putting yourself last, stop feeling guilty about wanting to feel good, stop allowing people to dictate what you should or shouldn't be doing! You are the author of your life so why do we allow so many outside circumstances to control us? I believe it is taught to us unintentionally or by our life experiences.

Women are made up of all these emotions that when not clearly guided,we begin to question ourselves about is it wrong or right when we already know what we want to do. But then we start this reasoning shit that often considers the other person/situation rather than ourselves. We then put ourselves in a place of uncomfortability to make someone else happy. I'm all about making people happy but not at the expense of my peace and happiness. Ain't nobody got time for that!

If you want to be about the life of peace and a sense of euphoria, you have to be willing to implement some self-care/self-development time, period. If you are one of those people that talk about it but do nothing about it, then you will continue to complain, continue to be stressed and overwhelmed and blaming others about not having enough time for yourself blah blah blah. It's time to stop that shit!

So ladies, I ask you again... what do you want to reclaim in your life? Take a moment to think about it and write it down. Then one by one find ways that you can reclaim what matters most to you. Then start incorporating them one by one. You have to set a blueprint of how you want others to respect you and your time. It's essential to do things that make you feel good inside and resonate on the outside. That natural healthy and happy glow that people see and begin to ask you "girl what have you been doing, you look great!" And I really love when people say to me "girl you've changed". My response...hell yeah! I'm glad you noticed! Remember you only have one life to live and since we don't know our expiration date there's no time better than the present to live the life that YOU desire! Here's to reclaiming your life gorgeous!

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“Reclaiming your life meaning taking charge and being accountable. How will you take control of your life? ”


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