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What’s the most self-limiting belief you can have? Believing that habits don’t affect your happiness and the outcomes in your life. Not only do habits affect these things, but they also make the difference between reaching your goals - or giving up on them.

Let me give you an example to explain this.

I know many successful people in different industries and you'd be surprise how many of them - despite their success, they still feel unhappy.

Some of them have said that they work incredibly long hours, and to keep themselves going, they regularly rely on endless cups of coffee or some kind of energy drink. They feel that this is the only way to help them keep up their hectic work schedule.

When I was asking one of my friends what her daily schedule looked like she said she wakes up at 5:30 a.m., gets dressed, takes the kids to school, commutes to work for about an hour or so. Then she picks up kids, do homework, cook dinner, finally crashes to sleep and repeats it all the next day.

So when I asked her what do you do to de-stress or implement some self-care time? Her response was,"nothing really because I don't really have the time. I'm like wow but this helped me to understand why she and so many other women are all burned out with little energy to spare.

I know this to be true personally because I used to get all burned out too. I still have my moments however, for the last past year I've been heavily working on living a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Who doesn't want that? Life can become so robotic that we start to become unconscious of neglecting ourselves. In order to understand what's happening in your life you have to become more self aware and hopefully before it becomes a drastic overwhelming problem that is hard to overcome. Sometimes it's just a few small changes that could make a BIG difference in your life.

Here’s a suggestion for you:

Depending on your schedule try to wake up 30 minutes earlier than normal, spend 5 minutes meditating and getting yourself in a good space (try smiling for 30 sec when you wake up, smiling, even a fake smile, makes your body release the feel good hormone, endorphins, which reduce anxiety and stress and will lift your mood. Even if you're not feeling happy. Spend 10 minutes eating a healthy breakfast or smoothie, spend 15 minutes planning your day (if you haven't done so on a Sunday or at least the night before). I know for some it may seem like a lot but these simple changes to your morning routine could result in significant positive benefits.

Self-care is a necessity for us all that can help us feel stronger and more energized. It helps your life to become less chaotic and you can get more done in less time. With that extra time you can now add those things you once didn't have time for like exercising, reading or socializing.

I've been learning a lot on my own self-care journey and I'm finding that MOST people are unaware of their habits and how these affect the outcomes in their lives. It's very easy to fall into a negative loop because what it's costing you in the long run is not immediately apparent.

But we must be aware of our habits if we are to break free from limiting autopilot routines. Then, we can start using our new habits to build an increasingly happy and successful future for ourselves.

Here are 3 things:

  • Do I feel deprived in any area of my life and why?

  • Find you own rhythm and routine. (What one routine could I put into place this month that would improve my life the most?)

  • Create an absolute NO list. (Know what you don't want to do is just as important as knowing what you do. This list represents the things that you refuse to tolerate in your life.

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Here's to getting your life together!

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