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Are you embracing life lessons or nah?

Man... life has been productively busy for me. What about you? I've slowed down in a few areas of my life which has caused me to be inconsistent with the blog, the podcast and a couple more things in my life but I promise you they are all for good. In the past I would normally beat myself up about starting something and having to stop but I stopped that shit last year.

For those that truly know me know that I'm full of energy and ideas. I promise I have the best intentions for all of this but sometimes life has other plans for you. Sure, some of it could be from poor planning or having too many ideas and trying to execute them all but that's not always a bad thing. See everything in life is a chance to learn what works and what doesn't and come back even stronger. Creativity sometimes has a mind of its own.

Whatever your personal reason is, I believe it's important to take the time to acknowledge it and then plan accordingly. Learn from what's working and what's not but what I don't want you to do is beat yourself up over things that could cause a sense of defeat, shattered confidence or scare you from pursuing other dreams and goals in that pretty little head of yours. You do want to implement some kind of structure in your life and continue to do things that make your heart skip a beat. As you go through this process you will fail, you will make mistakes, but you will learn what success looks like for you!

I've been in the game for a long time and let me tell you I've made many many mistakes, but they have only made me better, wiser and damn sure stronger. I understand that I don't know everything, and that life is unpredictable but beautifully complicated in a way that as you evolve you learn to take one day at a time. Knowing that some progress is better than none and that no one is perfect makes me feel even better about my choices.

So, before you jump out the window with all these awesome ideas, ask yourself these 5 questions...

1. What's my why and is it big enough?

2. Does it fill my spirit with joy and help others or myself?

3. Is it needed and necessary?

4. What do I want to get out of this?

5. Does it educate, uplift, empower and inspire?

These are 5 questions I've been asking myself for the last year or so. Honestly at first, I did feel a bit bad about not dropping another podcast episode or writing an article for the blog but what God has been doing in my life is so worth it and it gives me more of a testimony, understanding and lessons to share with you all. Thank you for those that support me and know that you are not alone. Remember if the plan doesn't work change the plan not the goal.

Here's to ALL your dreams, goals and wishes!


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