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Are you burning yourself out?

Most of us have demanding lives that can have us all over the place (points at self). This normally leads to feeling exhausted, you lack your own personal needs, you are unable to concentrate and that my dear leads to a nice old BURNOUT! When you become burned out every area in your life suffers. In order to fix it you first have to admit it and by admitting it you know that there needs to be something done.

Allowing yourself to become burned out is quite serious. I've experienced being burnout with working a job, running my own business and taking care of my family. Now i'm not new to this however there was a time where I was revamping my business because it seemed like things weren't working like I would have liked them to. I was feeling unmotivated and confused. I was also working a job that I didn't really want to but needed to and after all that I had to still come home and cook, clean and prepare for the next day! I knew something was wrong because things just weren't going right. I was pulling long hours coupled with having insomnia, I was burning out faster than I realized. I'm sure thousands of women are doing the very same thing right now that I just mentioned.

When you start to see the difference from you "on top of my game" to "falling apart by the seams" and can't seem to pull it together..girlfriend, it's time to take your temperature because you are on fire! Burnout can be bad, but it isn't insurmountable. You just need to recognize the symptoms, identify the causes, and take action!

If you're struggling like I have and do at times, here are 4 things you can do...

Accept that you're burnt out

Remember you didn't become burnt out overnight so it will take some time for your to undo things. It's ok to admit you are stressed, overwhelmed or burned out. You always you acknowledge how you feel because if you don't how will you fix the problem? Start by taking baby steps so that you don't add overwhelmed to the burnout. When you start to make some changes it will make you feel like you're getting your groove back. Not that groove, but the one that puts you back in the driver's seat of your life.

Identify the source

Before you can make any changes, you have to figure out the source. Once you know what that is, you need to eliminate it. If the source of burnout is because you don't get enough sleep after a long day, then you need to put yourself on a schedule that allows you a little more rest time so that you aren't moody. If you have a problem saying no to everyone then you need to see is there value in you burning yourself out for others leaving you and your family depleted.

Change your daily routine

Normally our daily lives consistent of a routine. Often times when we become burned out, we also become unmotivated and once that happens there's definitely not a lot of room to do anything else. Even if it's something we truly desire. Simply doing something completely out of the ordinary can make a huge difference. Like for me on the weekdays I have to be up before the birds and you know that's early. So when the weekends come or I have some time off I'll sleep in. It's little things sometimes but shaking up your normal daily do's is a simple way to feel refreshed.

Take care of yourself

When you are burned out it makes taking care of yourself harder. When you overlook your own needs you start to suffer mentally, emotionally and physically. I don't care for traditional working out so I don't go like I should but know I should. We can't allow our own self inflicted issues to overtake us when we hold the solutions to our own problems. If you don't like the gym walk outside, add more water to your day, get a massage (you deserve it) try to eat better. The point is start somewhere and build.

I do realize that not every source of burnout can be swapped for something better. If there is no way for you to cut off the source of burnout entirely, you need to get as much help as possible to lighten your load. Ask your friends, family or hire someone to assist where they can so you have more personal time to figure out a long-term solution to your problem.

You can do this! #selfcare #balance #structure

“ There's a fine line between tired and burned out. Do you know the difference?”

Take care of yourself luv,

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