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5 Powerful Written Declarations

Declaration 1: Nothing or no one has power over me. I have power over everything. Too often we play small, don't speak up, get too comfortable and don't go after what we truly desire because we don't believe in ourselves or don't think it's possible. We tend to succumb to sub-optimal and mediocre experiences because we believe we don't have the power to do anything about it.

Absolutely no one has power over you. You don't need any permission from anyone ever to create and experience anything you desire to improve the quality of your life. You're free and you have the power of choice and action to fully express and communicate your desires, ideas, creativity, message, art, and wisdom that will in turn bring fulfillment, excitement, recognition and financial rewards.

This declaration completely changed my life and I know it will radically improve yours too. Declaration 2: I'm brilliant. I'm brilliant. I'm brilliant.

Every human being has an inherent inner brilliance that's typically suppressed because of fear, past traumas or not feeling good enough. Whatever hardships and challenges you've experienced in the past, are experiencing right now, or will experience in the future aren't indicative of your true potential, power and brilliance. They don't identify who you truly are.

They're experiences that shape your character and give you greater courage, power, strength, resilience, and boldness.

You're the incredibly brilliant creator of your own life and experiences. And you can either live your life expressing your brilliance or telling yourself that you aren't good enough. It's a choice and that choice is uniquely yours.

Declaration 3: I command and require that all negative and stagnant energies from my living and working space be released now and never to return.

Sometimes our living and working spaces can feel stagnant due to unexpressed creativity, bottled feelings and emotions, lack of communication, frustration, stress, anxiety or even depression. This declaration will help raise the vibration of your living or working space to experience more creativity, excitement, fulfillment, joy and success.

Declaration 4: I'm ecstatic and grateful that _______________.

What is something you desire that you haven't yet had or experienced?

Write that in the present tense as if you already have it or as if you're experiencing it right now. A combination of gratitude and excitement creates momentum to guide you on the direction you can take to have or experience that desire. Get excited about having it or being able to experience it. The fact is that everything you desire already exists. All that needs to happen is for you to actually have it or experience it.

Declaration 5: I honor, accept and wholeheartedly love myself the way I am.

Very often we feel shame and guilt about our sexual orientation, for abandoning our children, for being abandoned, for not being where we want to be financially, for not yet having achieved the level of success we desire, for not having that booming business we want to have, for not being in an amazing relationship with someone we love, for not having the body or looks we wish we had, on and on...

Honor, embrace, and celebrate your imperfections and your personal story. Remember you are on unique human experience. Accept who you truly are and where you are right now in your life. Coming from that place of acceptance (not resistance) take the action steps that will improve your situation and create or experience your deepest desires.

Wholeheartedly love who you truly are and express that with confidence and pride everywhere you go. Self-acceptance and self-love is a such a powerful and beautiful way of living life. Allow yourself to truly feel, embody, and believe in every word as you write it.

Take these declarations to the next level by speaking them out loud after writing them. When you do, stand firm with both feet on the ground and say them with unwavering conviction and confidence. I hope this articles encourages you to live and declare your best life now. If you are interested in being a contributor on our blog, please email us at info@live365empowerment.com

“You should be your #1 cheerleader. Self care and love is like medicine for the sick”


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