• Stacey J.


The new year means new goals or maybe even a new you. It's the time everyone is doing vision boards and all that jazz. I love vision boards! They create excitement and joy for the things you want to manifest for the year and even your life as a whole.

I've already done my vision board now it's time to get to the work! See, I have some goals to achieve this year and I’m committing myself to doing more than just looking at my board but putting a plan/checklist to manifest these things into action!

Having a goal is great but as you know a goal without action is a dream. It's also important not to just look at the goal itself but identifying what are the necessary steps that it will take you to get there. We tend to look at the big picture but overlook the process. That is one of the reasons people give up and don't achieve anything because once they see what it takes, some people tend to give up all together. Once you know what you really want and can be truly honest with yourself by asking "Are you truly willing to be committed and do what it takes to get there no matter what?" Aka, keep it real with yourself.

Today I’m sharing 3 tips you can use to take action and get your goals into your real life! 


1. SIMPLIFY - make the process easier for yourself by making the process simple. Grab a pen and paper, write them out, and put it somewhere you can see daily. 

2. CLARIFY - clarify your goals by making sure they're not desires. Sometimes you desire to have things just because other people have them. It’s common for you to compare yourself to others and want what you see on TV, on social media, and in your neighborhood. But that may not truly be the goal you need to set. Once you understand what your desire is and why - you can decide if the goal to have it is what you actually need in your life.

3. FOCUS - make your goal the center of your world and give it all the attention you can. Think about it, visualize it in your mind, and feel what it will feel like when you get it. Put in work every day towards achieving your goal. Even if it’s just a small step. It has to become a part of your daily routine. The more you focus the clearer the path to it becomes.

2020 is your year of manifesting miracles in your life! It’s all about having clear vision, setting the right goals, and doing the work. Don't overwhelm yourself with a gang of unrealistic goals and figure out the ones that mean the most to YOU!

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Here's to your amazing year!