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Are you guilty of the “martyr complex”, when you're afraid to take time off because we’re afraid of being laid off by our bosses, judged by friends and family, or don’t see how you can manage stepping away from your role in life. We're constantly on the go that we give ourselves no time for our body recuperate. No space to reset, and come back to center.

Travel destination ideas

Catalina Islands, CA

If you want to go snorkeling or diving without flying all the way to the Caribbean or another tropical locale, Catalina Island is a great option for a more affordable vacation. Located about 20 miles off the Southern California coast via a one-hour boat trip from Long Beach, you can enjoy swimming through the clear waters that are filled with a diverse array of marine life. Lover’s Cove has been ranked among the top ten best spots in the world for snorkeling with sea stars, octopi, Garibaldi fish, eels and anemones just a few of the creatures you’re likely to encounter. Sea lions and dolphins are frequently spotted too. The Hermosa Hotel makes an ideal place to base your stay with incredibly reasonable rates during the winter.

Caladesi Island, FL

Caladesi Island has been called one of America’s top “secret islands.” It stays warm all year long and boasts three miles of white, sandy beaches scattered with seashells. In fact, you’ll find some of the best shelling on the Gulf of Mexico right here. There are no hotels and no cars on the island – you’ll have to take a ferry and then explore it on foot. Walk the boardwalk nature trail where you’ll pass stands of mangroves, sand dunes, and possibly even a rare gopher tortoise. Rent a kayak and paddle around the bay side of the island where you’ll have the chance to glimpse herons, ospreys and other birds that live in the sea-grass flats too.

Puerto Rico

There’s no need for a passport to visit Puerto Rico, but you’ll be able to enjoy a tropical, exotic island just the same. From a beach that glows in the dark, the pink sands of Isla Verde, outstanding diving and snorkeling to delicious cuisine, salsa dancing the night away and waking up with incredible Puerto Rican coffee, there are many reasons to travel here. You’ll also find lots of small independent hotels that are very budget friendly, like the Villa Montana Beach Resort, a full-service hideaway on the sea, located just a few miles from the airport.