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LIVE365 is an organization that educates and empower women to reclaim their personal peace through acceptance, awareness and internal self-care.
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Welcome to LIVE365 Empowerment!  LIVE365 teaches women over 40 how to reclaim their personal peace and confidence. I help women who are reinventing themselves identify, accept and learn how to overcome these challenges through understanding past trauma, self imposed negative thinking and how to create an intentional road map to redefining their life. 

We are a tribe, a movement and an online guide to help overwhelmed women create structure and balance through intentional daily self-care regimes. I believe in order to have a more productive life it starts with mind re-engineering. Through this mental process of self care, the reshaping of the mind, body and spirit will begin to align and our everyday lives can become more calmer.


In a more than ever fast paced technology driven world, I encourage you to slow down, reflect, and take care of yourself holistically. Self care is more than an external activity, it's actually way bigger than that.  Sometimes we need to physically uproot ourselves, in a major way, in order to allow our mind and body a chance to naturally reset.


When you're feeling overwhelmed and at a breaking point, that's your mind and body telling you it's time to heal and reset. Otherwise you will keep going in circles repeating the same unhealthy process. Aren't you tired of doing that? Pouring into yourself isn't selfish. In fact doing so can radiate so powerfully that it can help build healthier families, build stronger communities and experience life more intentionally! 

It's time to discover and create new neurological pathways, and serotonin (the feel good hormone) in our bodies that we already produce in a natural way. Are you ready or waiting for the right time?

“Self-care is how you take your power back."
– Lalah Delia

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