Stacey J.

I help women gain power and control over their own lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices personally, professionally and financially. 


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I'm Stacey J, A Lifestyle Enthusiast, Media Personality & Entrepreneur

Hi there! I'm Stacey J. I’m a lifestyle enthusiast, media personality, skincare owner and creator of LIVE365 Empowerment. At LIVE365, we affirm the self-worth of all women as we manifest our vision of who we authentically to help build our confident and resilience.


LIVE365 Empowerment was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2016 and our mission is to create a communal safe space that provides opportunity to engage in culturally relevant, information, resources and healing practices that meet the unique needs of Black women and women across the diaspora.


Here you will find community impact resources that cultivate empowerment for women. We empower women to advance equality, body confidence, and emotional intelligence.  Through our events, radio show and social media presences, I'm here to support you to find the time, energy, and confidence you need to pursue what matters to you. My goal is to help you create healthy and meaningful lifestyle changes that improve your mindset, reduce stress and help you realize the time is now to do more of what you love.




Stacey J. is a breath of fresh air. Here energy is contagious and her zest for life is awesome! 

Toi Cheri

I've attended a few of LIVE365 events and the networking of women has always been amazing!

Tiana Rice

I love her radio show! It's inspirational and she has some great guests.

Catherine Davis

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